Making Gardens Fun For Kids


11659314_1040028262676687_6640225574681300722_n-1Here’s a few ideas to make gardens fun for your children.

We filled in the garden pond and lay some artificial turf in it to make a prehistoric arena for Noah to play in & eventually an outdoor playpen for the new baby to explore the garden safely, we’ll be planting up sensory plants and shrubs around the outside that the baby will be able to safely explore once big enough to play. We filled the pond leaving a wall of a couple of foot to prevent baby from climbing out. 11263011_1013824628630384_215986030789806424_n

We hung an old mirror on the fence and then used a shower curtain to make some curtains…a fabulous outdoor stage!164899_599789660033885_1509337596_n

Make an outdoor artwork gallery by painting off cuts of wood with either black exterior paint or chalkboard paint and hang them on the wall.11659314_1040028262676687_6640225574681300722_n

Make a table that can be used as a natural treasures station.1619229_769851446361038_197391885_n

An old bed canopy is ideal to use as a reading nook.1780622_760510783961771_505110835_n

Make a bug hotel with a pile of logs.420611_592454194100765_857965643_n

Use shower curtains to turn empty spaces in to sumptuous dens.11836683_1061741187172061_3969713726742481689_n

Garden abacus…
We used some of the old ball pit balls we had kicking about and some string to make our own abacus, we threaded the balls onto the string and tied each end to a garden chair leg. You could head to the woods and do this with trees.1244033_797046556974860_3395985791162086932_o

‘SHOWER RADIOS’ She shall have music wherever she goes…. Come rain or shine a shower radio is ideal for kids. We have one in the gardens & they love it, they accompany it with pretending to do music shows & dances or just enjoy tuning it in & falling upon songs they know…They even like to do some singing in the rain..557867_589335071079344_1205325750_n

Make a prehistoric mud pit playground.10339276_806165356062980_4477222704085344693_o

Make some milk carton butterflies for the trees.10659428_860521280627387_4638255084355547528_n

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