Making Art With Nature

Making Art with Nature

The natural resources that Mother Nature has to offer are ideal for any budding artist wanting to create an organic masterpiece. Best of all the materials are free! Whether you are in your own backyard, collecting leaves and blossoms blowing in the street or beachcombing the seashore, you are never short things to find.

 Here are some of our creations to inspire you to head outdoors, collect some loot, and become artists working alongside Mother Nature…

Beach Art

Autumn colour wheel

Have you seen our Autumn Activities for Kids?

beach pebble family

You could even collect some pebbles for a spot of pebble picture making!

beach pebble love

Do see these Glimpses of Love

Blossom Art

Here are some more great ways to have fun some Blossom Art Fun

Make beach faces

We are so lucky to live by the ocean. Whether you are heading out for a day trip or spending your holidays there, we have loads of ideas to keep the kids busy.

40+ Fun Beach Games and Activities for Kids


beach art with a rake

Have a look at our Pac Man Retro Beach Art

Fun with Autumn leaves

Autumn is our favourite time of the year
and the most wonderful time for some Leaf Collecting, Art & Play

Blossom Fashion Art

It’s really easy to create some Blossom Fashion Art

Dinosaur footprints beach art

Love dinosaurs? See what came from the deep

Be warned, this activity is incredibly cool!

Bottle top beach art

Natural resources are ideal to create some natural milestone photos.

Beach art butterfly


leaf art fun

Why not try your hand at some Forest Art?

creating forest art with children

Mosaic Leaf Art was a huge hit!

Elmer in mosaic leaf art


You can even become your own Foliage Fashion Designers

How to be a foliage fashion designer

If you have enjoyed this then we’ve got lots more to offer!

Nature Play Ideas

Every activity is simple and achievable without having to spend any money and is only a step outside into nature!

Check out our

Family Days Followers Boredom Jar

for tons of ideas and inspiration to make a list of other frugal and free activities.

You can follow our everyday fun over on Facebook too.


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