Make Santa’s Magic Key


Here’s some secret storage for Santa’s Magic key. I revamped the old idea of secret compartments within books to make a magical secret storage book for Santa’s key.

This magical key enables Santa to get into our house on Christmas Eve. We will leave it out besides our Christmas elf door for the elves to take out for Santa when he arrives.

Here’s how it was made.

First, I found an old hard backed book.


I carefully cut out a rectangular hole with a craft knife.


We decorated the book cover with stickers.


Then placed a piece of gold paper on the page at the bottom of the hole.


Then attach a piece of ribbon to the inside covers, front and back.


Lastly, find an old key and put some ribbon on. I added a small bell that I got off of a Lindt chocolate reindeer.


We cut out a piece of pretty paper and stuck it to the page next to the hole.


The kids then wrote a letter to Santa.


Don’t forget to secretly pop in a reply on Christmas Eve to be discovered Christmas Day.

Here’s our reply!



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