Magical Marshmallow Farms

Marshmallow Farms

Today we went in search of a magical marshmallow farm! We’d heard of them before but without seeing one with our own eyes we were not sure if they actually existed…

But, as we found out, they do! And here’s the proof…

Marshmallow Farm

We’d heard that there was one by the sea so we set off in search.

It wasn’t long before we got our first glimpse of the huge marshmallows being farmed. This could only mean that we were close…

Marshmallow Farm

We walked past farm fields with no sign… and then…

Marshmallow Farm

In the distance we spotted a glimmer of pink!! MARSHMALLOWS…HUGE MARSHMALLOWS!!!

Marshmallow Farm

We went for a closer look and we were right. There they were. Lots of yummy scrummy marshmallows sitting on the farm ready to go to marshmallow factories to be cut into teeny weeny bits of gooey yumminess…

Marshmallow Farm

We couldn’t believe our eyes.

Marshmallow Farm
Marshmallow Farm

Of course, they are not real marshmallows and the idea behind them being pink is a really wonderful one. They are actually wrapped in pink in aid of Breast Cancer and each bale ensures a donations goes towards breast cancer charities!


We kept walking and couldn’t resist getting up close. They were amazing. It really was magical.

We resisted trying any as we were not sure of the marshmallow harvesting process but we did stop off at the shop on the way home to stock up. Who wouldn’t?

We’ll always remember the day we stumbled upon a real life marshmallow farm….


Do try some indoor marshmallow toasting with tealights. And we’ve got 75+ more ideas Fun Ideas With Food.

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