Lockdown Trampoline Disco

We love to use our trampoline for all different kinds of fun, it’s not just for bouncing on, it’s one of the most versatile and multi use things we’ve ever invested in. And whilst we are in lockdown it’s proving to be invaluable in keeping the children entertained, in the past we’ve turned our trampoline into a custard pie arena, a pillow fighting arena, a cloud watching arena, even a date night arena, and many many more simple but highly effective things to keep the kids amused. Today we decided that we wanted to turn it into a lockdown disco!!! here’s how we did it with the use of our trampoline tent which we purchased around 5 years ago. 

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I used face paints to decorate the outside of the tent, it’s all i have in the house during lockdown, but it works well and this will wash of with warm soapy water although it’s not weatherproof so will come off if it rains…we are only intending to use our disco over a period of a few sunny days.

We filled the inside with glow sticks and battery operated disco balls.

We used a bluetooth speaker for our music, and that’s it!! All ready to dance the night away!!

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Here’s a link to the kind of trampoline tent we used.

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