Litter Fairies – Raising Awareness

Litter Fairies

A while ago I witnessed some people mindlessly throwing litter from their car and I was appalled. 😢
And it played on my mind, so I wanted to try and reiterate to the children that dropping litter is not right.

All the children know not to litter so I wanted to make some fun and subtle messages as an addition to what we teach the kids, especially for the smaller children who firmly believe in fairies. 🧚‍♂️✨

🍃So, I decorated some leaves with messages from the nature fairies as reminders of how it’s not nice to litter. I used chalk pens and kept the messages simple so they could be read out for all to understand. I slipped them into my coat pocket when the little ones weren’t looking and then we headed out on an adventure. Sometimes a teeny bit of magic and make-believe can go a long way.

Litter Fairies
Litter Fairies

It was a lovely day for a walk. One of those days when it just feels good to be outside.

I went on ahead and left the leaves for the children to find. They were so excited when they found them! We read out the messages from the nature fairies and we talked about how litter not only doesn’t look nice but also how it can be harmful to animals. 🐑🐄🐿🦔🦊🐸

Litter Fairies
Litter Fairies

We also spoke in a more grown-up manner and matter-of-fact way to the older children about how people who litter are not cool at all. They make themselves look stupid and inconsiderate with no respect for the world around them. ☹️🤔

It was a useful conversation as older children want to fit in with their peers but need reminding to have self-respect too.

Litter Fairies

All of the family enjoyed this simple activity. It wasn’t hard to install a little bit of awareness into the children with a magical activity. I hope it goes a little way towards reminding them to respect the beautiful world we live in.

Litter Fairies

We’ve taught the kids before about picking up litter while we’re out.
Do have a look at our Family Days Clean Up – Ten Minutes Difference as it was a really popular idea.

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