Lilo Surfing & Extreme Buggying


So for another day the heavens have opened and it’s rained non stop, so we decided to head out and take advantage of the weather with a lilo & an old buggy in tow…

Lilo surfing & extreme buggying were on the agenda!!

The kids were prepared to get wet and muddy, we found a steep grassy bank with an adjoining Tarmac hill away from traffic and we were off!!!

We came home with a few scrapes and bruises which were to be expected but we had a fab time..

Here’s how we got on…
We found our grassy bank and started by blowing up our lilo

and then the extreme fun began….with a run up sometimes they landed on the lilo…

20140528-151011.jpgAnd other times they missed it!

Even the littlest members of the group took turns..


20140528-151346.jpgAnd moaned whilst dragging the lilo back up..

20140528-151513.jpgThe older kids mastered the art of landing..

20140528-151609.jpgWe then set about with an old buggy taking turns to speed down the Tarmac to a halt at the grassy bank at the bottom!

And as with learning the art of landing on the lilo they also had to learn the art of remaining in the buggy until it got to the grass…. We had a few minor war wounds but a lot of fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Please be aware that this can be dangerous but what’s childhood without a few risks and a lot of pain induced belly laughs?

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