Easy & Cheap Light up Umbrellas

Light up umbrella

Have you seen those light up umbrellas and thought they’re cool but just too expensive to justify the cost when kids break and lose umbrellas so easily? We too wanted to have one so we found a really easy and very cheap way of making one.

How To Make a Light Up Umbrella

We bought umbrellas from Poundland and used adhesive foam stickers and battery operated fairy lights to decorate them. They won’t last forever but what umbrellas do!

You can purchase L.E.D umbrellas for a price of around £25 so this is a fantastically cheaper alternative! Our umbrellas cost just £1. Our stickers were 50p and our fairy lights were leftover from Christmas but can be found very cheaply too – ours were £1 originally from Wilkinsons.

Light up umbrella

We used a strong sticky tape (Sellotape) to attach our lights around the edge of the umbrella and we secured the battery pack to one of the spokes.

We then tested these in light showers & they survived well.

light up umbrella

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