Life Through A Lens- Cardiff Bay


My name is Eden, i am 10 years old and these are some photos that I took at Cardiff Bay. I edited them on the computer using the crop, straighten and shadow options. I then gave them a caption with an app which my mum has on her phone.I have not used a camera before and I really enjoyed it. I am really pleased with how my photos turned out and can’t wait to take some more. I hope you enjoy looking at them too. Thank you for looking and reading my first blog post.




This is my little sister.


IMG_2079 (2)

I made this pebble for my mums birthday, it was her birthday yesterday when i took my photos and i gave her some pebbles.

IMG_2080 (6)

This is my annoying big brother who likes parkour and my little sister in the distance by the water.

IMG_2078 (2)

I liked this bird who was happily watching the sun set too.


My brother doing parkour


I like the way the buildings look in this photo.


I like the way baby Boo was looking away in this photo.


I thought the bushes blowing in the wind looked good. They looked a little bit like fire.



I think Boo is really cute in this photo.


Thank you for reading and looking at my photos, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


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  1. Hi Eden, some fantastic shots. You are a natural and have a definite eye for what makes a good photo. Enjoy learning new skills but most of all enjoy taking your photos, making memories to last a lifetime.

  2. Wow you have got a eye for nice pictures, my favourites are the Sunset over the bay, the big brother little sister, and the water ripples the rest as good too but those are my favourites 😀 good job keep it up 🙂

  3. Amazing pictures, your very clever and should be very proud of yourself, looking forward to seeing more beautiful pictures x

  4. Hi Eden-mei , wow wow and wow , your photography for a first timer is phenomenal, I was breath taken at some of the images , captured beautifully, more professional than some professional s out there , keep up the amazing work , you talented young lady , hope to see more soon , Lynsey X

  5. I love all your photos Eden you really do have talent keep it up :0)
    I thought there was something quite special about your big brother little sister photo

  6. Great photos, I can’t believe your only 10!
    I love the big brother, little sister photo – a very powerful angle/shot which really says a lot. This has to be my favourite!
    Have you tried putting some of the less colourful pictures in black and white? You could also play around with the hue and saturation settings on the more colourful ones to see how you can have fun with them.
    See if your mum can get a Photoshop app to edit and overlay photos, lots of fun can be had in that programme and you’ve clearly have a natural eye for images / art / graphics! Xx

  7. Oh my! They are wonderful! You have a great eye and capture atmosphere peefectly; I cannot get over that you are 10…I haven’t been able to take a photo anywhere near this league and I am 44!

    Well done and keep loving what you see x

  8. Wow, These are fantastic Eden! You have a great eye for photography….You should be very proud of your work, Keep it up.. ❤️????????x

  9. Hi Eden. I think your photos are beautiful. Each one is different and unique. You obviously share your Mum’s eye for a great picture. I look forward to seeing more of your photos 🙂

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