Life Through A Lens – 39 Weeks Pregnant

Today I took these photos of my mum who is 39 weeks pregnant with my little brother Jude.

I really enjoyed taking these photos because I think that pregnancy is beautiful.

Jude is already a huge part of our world even though we haven’t met him yet.

I really hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them! Eden-Mei x

My little sister helped with this photo by holding up the world.



This is two of my siblings feeling Jude.

I named the photo below



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** Eden Mei is 12 years old and adventuring with her camera. She always welcomes nice comments and honest constructive criticism which she uses to help her learn and improve. **

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  1. Lovely photos Eden Mei. What a great idea for a photo shoot. I especially love the title and idea behind it and my favourite photo is the one with your siblings hands on your mum’s pregnant tummy. It might have been fun to paint the world on mummy’s tummy too. Just a photographic tip, one I’ve just learnt on my first photo course, is to try and not chop off a bit of someone’s limb in a picture. So aim to get in the wrists of hands are in shot, or the elbow of the lower arm is in so shot, orthe whole foot etc otherwise people are looking to the photo to see what’s missing rather than what’s there. But I think these are fabulous. What a lovely thing for the new baby to see when he arrives.

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