Life Through A Lens – Autumn Castle

dsc_0351Today my mum and i got up at 6:30 to take some photos of a local castle, it was hard to take these photos because it was quite a strange light so early in the morning and it was raining, but i gave it a go.

These are some of the best ones , i hope you enjoy looking at them.


   There were loads of cute squirrels too.


 The castle looked lovely under the leaves.


  Me and my mums wellies on the bright leaves.


    This is a photo of the castle under a branch full of bright leaves.


 This is chestnut case that had fell on the floor.


  We also had a quick look at the Severn bridge.


 This is at bit of moss that had grown on top of  a wooden post, it was really spongey.


 These were the only leaves left on this group of trees amongst the bare branches at the castle.


    I really liked the leaves that were dripping with rain in front of the castle.


The contrast of the autumn leaves was awesome.


     A window covered in leaves on the castle.


    We watched this cute squirrel climbing a tree.


    And this squirrel was burying its nuts.


    My mum in her pyjamas at the castle.


These squirrels were chasing each other round and round the tree trunk!


This cute squirrel was perched on a branch posing for us!

Thank you for looking at my photos, I hoped you enjoyed seeing them. I would really like it if you told me your favourite(s) in the comments.

Eden-Mei Xx

**Eden Mei is 11 & adventuring through self taught photography, she loves to read any comments, please be nice, she welcomes honesty and constructive criticism to help her progress.

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  1. really beautiful well done Eden Mei. must be so special to spend that time with your mum. your both great. Holly xx

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