LEGO Lamp Night Light


LEGO Lamp Night Light

LEGO Lamp Night Light

LEGO is awesome and we love playing with it so we decided to make a super simple LEGO house night light.

We used a plastic IKEA lamp with a removable shade.

LEGO Lamp Night Light

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We simply made a square house with lots of windows to slot over our lamp.

LEGO Lamp Night Light

How easy and effective can that be!

LEGO Lamp Night Light

take a look at this video of how our lamp looked!!


LEGO Lamp Night Light

LEGO Lamp Night Light

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8 Replies to “LEGO Lamp Night Light”

  1. Love it. We have this IKEA lamp and want to try it but wanted to check…how hot do the LEGO get because of them being so close to the 💡

  2. I would say stick to eco bulbs, which don’t burn as hot, choose lower watts/lumens, and ensure sufficient space between the bulb and bricks.

  3. This is amazing and my son would love it. What is the name of this IKEA lamp? Sorry if I overlooked that in the post.

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