Lead By Example

Lead by Example


Live beneath your means but be frivolous with your time spent.
Return everything you borrow.
Stop blaming other people, be responsible for your own actions..
Lead by example.
Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
Admit it when you make a mistake,
Always be willing to say sorry,
Do nice things for no gain except for the reason that it is nice to do so,
Listen more and talk less & know when to keep your mouth shut and also know when your words can act like a huge hug.
Go outside everyday, spend time alone, value time with others, laugh together, be silent. Listen.
Strive for as good as you can and not perfection,
Don’t make excuses, be honest.
Be on time, be kind to people, be kind to yourself. Keep promises.
Use good manners, speak nice, accept who you are and who others are too without judgement.
Remember that beauty is only skin deep.
Live and let live.
Smile at someone.
Don’t criticise, don’t put down. Build people up. Acknowledge.
Learn from your mistakes, accept that others make mistakes, forgive, forget. Draw lines. Move on.
Don’t stress, laugh more.
Be humble, be compassionate, use empathy. Exude love, embrace love.
Live for the moment.
Be content.
Don’t hate.
Hold hands.

Always change the loo roll if you use the last sheet.

Mrs FD

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