I Miss You Every Day

Dear Holly,
On your 12th birthday I remember you in all your forever smallness. I remember the first time I held you with a knowledge it was to say goodbye. But I didn’t say goodbye. Instead, I tucked in my heart. Your forever home. And I miss you every day. 

You may have passed and left me
But your presence is still here
You’re nestled inside my heart
You’re the sting within my tears 

The grief will never leave me
Your memory will not fade
You’ll fleet amongst my every thought
You’ll be the light within my shade 

You may not be in my vision
But you stand right next to me
You’re the warmth within the sunshine
And the touch within the breeze

Your voice may be forever quiet
And no longer sweetly heard
But I can still hear you talk to me
And I cling onto every word

Because you didn’t really leave me
You left behind a lasting part
That will always bring me comfort
Whilst you play within my heart

So I won’t let grief consume me
When I miss you every day
Because you never completely left me
Your presence never went away

And I’ll hold on to your memory
And I’ll smile each day for you
And be happy in your absence
In everything I do

And I won’t waste my time on crying
I’ll appreciate my time
And I’ll spread laughter, warmth and loving
With you always on my mind

And you’ll still stay here in my company
You’ll remain in everything I do
And I’ll live my life as happy
For me, and just for you

And I won’t let grief consume me
Although the sadness will not fade
Because you never really left me
You never went away 

Happy birthday baby,
Love Mumma 


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