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A home for 9 months

I was lucky enough to be a birthing photographer and birthing partner for the arrival of my baby brother this week. As a part of his birth, my mum and I had asked the midwives if Jude could remain attached to his placenta for a while to enable all of the nutrients and goodness of it to fully transfer to him before being clamped and cut. This gave us an opportunity to have a good look at the home that Jude had grown in for 9 months. It really was incredible.

It looked like a tree with roots or branches.

When the amniotic sac came out it was inside out. Jude had grown inside of it complete with his cord and amniotic fluid that he would have floated in.

When Jude was born we discovered that there was a knot in his umbilical cord. The midwife pointed out that his cord had grown extra fatty to enable the knot to slide up and down the chord.

It was a crazy thought to think that he must have been doing loop the loops inside the womb to cause a knot.

You can take a peek at Judes Birth Story too.


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  1. How beautiful Eden-Mei, you did an excellent job of documenting Jude’s arrival whilst also keeping your Mum company and making her laugh. I can see from her posts that she is mightily proud of you. I can see you having a brilliant future in photography and blogging (of course). Well done x

  2. Well done Eden Mei, and thank you for the great pictures. As you obviously already know, photos do not need to be conventionally pretty to be interesting, informative, beautiful or important. I have two kids and had not seen a placenta in such detail. I also didn’t know how large it was. Great photos! Xx

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