Home Made Newborn Photo Shoot

Today the kids and i decided we wanted to create a photo shoot for Jude, 2 weeks old…

We always seem to coo over super cute newborn photo shoots that we see on the internet but could not afford or justify spending out the money on one ourselves so we thought we would try and create one ourselves…and here are the results…

Firstly we opted for two simple designs that i could help create and together with the children, we took a vote and chose two themes..

1.All you need is love… to signify Judes name

2.After the storm comes a rainbow… to signify Judes journey into our family.

We simply used a roll of wallpaper, some sharpie marker pens and paints and Mr FD’s record stash.

Take at look at our other newborn photo shoot idea..

With My Imagination I Am Going To…

Once we had finished the ‘All you need is love shoot’ we simply lay some fresh wallpaper on the floor and drew our next design…

Take a peek at our Belly Cast

Returning To The Womb Photoshoot

You could also do a

Draw an adventure photoshoot


Our very own super baby…

Obviously our rainbow, Ms A, had to have a photo too…


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Draw an adventure photoshoot

Returning To The Womb Photoshoot

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**We would like to thank the awesome Acorns & Buttons for gifting Jude the beautiful umbrella leggings which were used in this photoshoot..they were a perfect attire**



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