Having it Large, Supersized Food

20140912-181557-65757081.jpgWe decided we wanted to make some of our favourite things super sized…the way they should be 😉

These ideas are great for a BFG Inspired Fun Day.

Here’s some of the yummies we made.



We made our fingers by making a simple biscuit mix, we mixed together 100g butter, 100g caster sugar & 200g plain flour & a few drops of vanilla essence (optional).

We rolled then into fingers long enough to fit our home made Finger box & cooked at 180c for around 15 minutes. Once cooled we covered them in melted chocolate and placed onto some greaseproof paper to set in the fridge.

We made the box by using a display stand that the supermarket was throwing away, we cut it down to size to form a box but you could use any box and and print off ‘finger’ pictures to stick to it.



We made our Mikados using breadsticks and chocolate. We simply melted chocolate and dipped our breadsticks into them before standing in a beaker in the fridge til they had set.
Our box was made with a cereal box which we covered with ‘Mikado printed paper’ and we lined our box with foil.



We made out giant breakfast by crumbling some Weetabix into a bowl, we then added a little bit of water and shaped it into a large Weetabix using a piece of card to keep it together around the edge, we placed it in a warm place overnight to harden back up.

We served our giant breakfast in a mixing bowl with a serving spoon and a giant glass (vase) of milk.



It was quite tricky to make but easy to devour! We brushed ice cream wafers with water to make them slightly soft and moulded them to a greased bowl (x’s 2) & then left them in a warm place to dry back out. We then carefully removed the two halves from the bowls and covered with melted chocolate, before they’d completely set we sprinkled the outside with hazelnuts and returned to the fridge, we then filled the inside of the two halves with hazelnuts and a jar of chocolate spread. We used a little more melted chocolate to seal the two halves together.

Finally we wrapped in some gold wrapping paper that we’d scrunched up for effect….

We then used our fingers to eat it for pudding!!!



We made our giant bucket using a length of cardboard that we rolled into a giant tube and secured with gaffer tape, we then slotted a plastic mixing bowl into the top and filled with yummy popcorn!

We were most definitely full to the brim!

You could also try our Giant Kit KatGiant Toblerone or Giant Kinder Egg for some really big fun!

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