Halloween Ideas

Halloween Ideas

You gotta love Halloween! We’ve selected some of our favourite Halloween activities for kids here to inspire you to have a spooktacular time.

Spooky Conker Eyeball Wreath

Here are the full instructions to make your own Spooky Eyeball Conker Wreath. And we have lots more ideas for things to do with conkers, hazelnuts and acorns.

Halloween activities for kids - Spooky Eyeball Conker Wreath

Loot Giving Monster

How about wowing your Halloween party guests with this easy-to-make Halloween loot-giving monster?

Halloween activities for kids - Loot Monster

Haunted House-Themed Bath

How about turning the bathroom into a haunted house? You could even have a blood-filled bath. Here’s how we created a Halloween-themed bath.

Halloween activities for kids - Halloween Themed Bath

Spooky Eyes

Halloween activities for kids - spooky toilet roll eyes

Milk Carton Lanterns

We drew on empty milk cartons with Sharpie permanent marker pens, removed the lids and popped an upturned battery-operated tealight on the top securing with tape.

See more creative and fun ideas for milk cartons.

Halloween activities for kids - milk carton lanterns

Monster Conker Eyes

Halloween activities for kids - conker monster eyes

Mummy Lantern

We covered a jar with PVA glue and then wound toilet tissue around it. We finished by sticking on two googly eyes. We popped in a battery operated tea light and it looked fab!

Halloween activities for kids - mummy lantern

Orange Jack ‘O’ Lantern Wreath

How effective does this look? It will smell delicious inside or look fab hung on the front door. And it was super easy to make in less than half an hour.

  • We used a bendy branch to make a circle which we secured into shape with some pull ties.
  • We then added sprigs of foliage which we also secured with pull ties & string.
  • We added faces to our pumpkin oranges with permanent marker pens.
  • We attached the oranges using pull ties*
  • Finally we added string to hang.

* Huge packets of pull ties can be found in Pound stores

Halloween activities for kids - Halloween Wreath

Pumpkin Soup Picnic

Here’s an idea to use your pumpkins after Halloween. Have a delicious pumpkin soup autumnal picnic! We find it the perfect way to finish off your Halloween.

Halloween activities for kids - pumpkin soup picnic

Pen-Decorated Pumpkin

We used a permanent marker pen to decorate our pumpkin rather than cutting it. It turned out really effective.

Halloween activities for kids - pen decorated pumpkin

How cool is this as an alternative to pumpkin carving?

We used chalk pens to decorate one and it looks lovely in the house. It would make a great centrepiece at a ‘non-spooky’ Halloween party or just to brighten the house up during Autumn.

If you’d prefer to carve we have some Awesome Pumpkin Carving Ideas for inspiration.

chalk pen decorated pumpkin

No Carve Pumpkin

Halloween activities for kids - no carve pumpkin

Ginger’dead’ Men

We bought a box of gingerbread men from the supermarket and decorated them using a mix of icing sugar, a few drops of water and a drop of food colouring. We transformed them into cute mummies and gruesome ginger’dead’ men.

You can’t beat a bit of fun with food.

Halloween activities for kids - gingerdead men

Dirty Earbuds

Look disgusting but they’re yummy!

It’s simply mini marshmallows on toothpicks dipped in melted white chocolate. (I painted the sticks white for effect and added a drop of yellow food colouring to the chocolate!) A gruesome Halloween treat.

Halloween activities for kids - dirty earbuds

Fake Barbed Wire

We mixed a small amount of black paint with PVA glue. We then dipped string in it and twisted the string to make the long wire. We then wrapped a small piece of string around to make the ‘barbed’ bit on the wire. We then left it to dry.

Halloween activities for kids - fake barbed wire

Donut Monsters

Push fake teeth into donuts and Smarties for eyes.

Donut Monsters

Spooky Squash

We simply washed out and filled a surgical glove with water and put it into the freezer to freeze, once frozen we removed the glove and put it in our bowl of squash. (You can get disposable gloves from Pound stores.)

Halloween activities for kids - spooky squash

Used Plaster Biscuits

We made plasters using Garibaldi biscuits, a small piece of ready roll icing and a jellied sweet. We used a cheese grater to make an imprint.

Halloween activities for kids - used plaster biscuits

The Halloween doesn’t end here as we’ve got some fabulous Halloween for Toddlers ideas and the big kids will love a Gruesome Halloween Lucky Dip!

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