Gruesome Halloween Lucky Dip



We made a gruesome Halloween terror bear lucky dip.

We’ve got lots more Halloween Ideas and some special Halloween for Toddlers activities too.

Here’s what we did…

I bought a jar of value pickled onions to use as eyeballs.


I then used a permanent marker pen to turn them into eyes.

IMG_8334.JPGI used a container which I filled with water and cooked spaghetti and I popped in the eyeballs..


IMG_8336.JPGI then found an old teddy bear which I cut a hole in the bottom and removed some of his stuffing from his belly and head..

IMG_8337.JPGI then slipped the bear over the jar and made a hole in his head..

IMG_8338.JPGI cut the hole in the head so head so the kids could slip their hands in to dig around in the innards to find the eyeballs..

IMG_8339.JPGFinally I added ketchup for effect.
And then we dipped for eyeballs…



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