Glimpses of Love


At almost 5 months old there seems to be an evident sibling bond already with her big brother…this is often shown in the squeeze of a nose, the pulling of hair or just the plain idolising stare from her as her eyes follow him across the room.
She beams as he appears in her field of vision and her smile is so big that it makes her wobble.
And he’s receptive to that, he’s gentle with her as she pulls his hair, he’ll giggle whilst her fierce little fingers tightly squeeze him & she tries to gnaw and nuzzle him…he seems to have an awareness of a love for him that she exudes.

I’m not sure how long this will last or if indeed it will last, but for now this relationship that is forming is a beautiful one to watch.

Here’s the evidence as shown when she woke up shortly before him this morning…







Glimpses of love growing are so special.

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