Gingerbread Houses, Santa Hunting & Christmas Tree Hot Chocolate

Our adventure started off with a Gingerbread house kit that we found after Halloween in Tesco for £1.50 and a large box we had from the delivery of a new kitchen appliance.

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We decorated our gingerbread house during the week and used our box to make a giant gingerbread house.





IMG_4840-0.JPGwith our gingerbread houses, some hot chocolate, sprinkles and cream, we headed to the woods..

IMG_4837.JPGwe whipped up our cream with a splash of green food colouring..

IMG_4838.JPGwe added our sprinkle decorations to our hot chocolate Christmas trees…we used whipped cream that didn’t stand up very well, you could use normal squirty cream for snow covered trees and use sprinkles and strawberry laces for the decorations..

IMG_4832.JPGthey went down a treat..

Noah decided to have his in the gingerbread house..

IMG_4855.JPGat this point the 9 & 10 year old were arguing and bickering and finding fault with each other so much that they were pointed in the direction of the car to watch from afar so that the little ones could enjoy the trip without having focus constantly taken away :-/
So, as the smaller ones enjoyed their drinks I set about hiding hanging chocolate Santas in the trees…

IMG_4835.JPGand they set about finding them..



IMG_4851.JPGwith their Santas found we left them to play and explore whilst us olds drank our hot chocolates 🙂


IMG_4849.JPGthen it was time to dig into our gingerbread house!



IMG_4845.JPGa quick last minute search for any last Santas and once we were happy we’d discovered them all we headed back to the car…

But we missed one which I took just for me ????


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