Giant Toblerone Teamwork & Outdoor Artist Adventuring

IMG_5124.JPGFor today’s festive adventuring we decided we were going to become outdoor artists specialising in sculpture and portrait painting.

What better way to try our hand at sculpture than involving an essential of christmas…Toblerone….but on a giant scale 🙂

Our aim was to take our pre-built 8ft chocolate bar to the top of a hill as a team building exercise for the kids…they built it, they carried it and they tussled with it in the wind until we were 4 triangles down and a roll of tin foil lighter! (Which we did retrieve.)

We then headed to the beach for the afternoon laden with paintbrushes and paint, we had a quick stop off at The Works for an easel & an artist pad…(£9.99 for the easel but money well spent as it folds down flat for the car and will be used again & again in future adventures….perfect for the mountains!)

Here’s how we got on…

We used sheets of cardboard to make our triangles which we then wrapped in paper ready to paint brown..IMG_5138.JPGWe attached our triangles to a piece of board (an old cupboard backing) using a glue gun and duct tape. Once secured we painted brown and wrapped a few triangles in tin foil…

IMG_5139.JPGSo we were ready! We woke up to a cloud of misty rain and wind but decided to brave it and headed out with our Toblerone in tow..

IMG_5121.JPGThe big kids bonded with no option whilst carrying the bar whilst the smaller kids carried their own triangles..

IMG_5122.JPGIt took us 20 minutes to reach the top of the hill, we had a few cross words which were amusing to watch happening underneath a giant chocolate bar but ample giggles as the wind nearly took them off a few times 🙂

But we made it and worked up a big appetite…

We kicked about up the top pleased at ourselves for our chocolately achievement whilst the wind battered us and the rain came in..


IMG_5127.JPG…before deciding to head back down whilst we still had a few triangles left..

IMG_5128.JPGWith a good bit of exercise partaken in our sculpture mission we took our Toblerone back home and grabbed some paint supplies and a flask of hot chocolate and headed to the beach for some seaside chippies, some sea air and a spot of portrait painting…

With a quick stop off in town we picked up some squirty cream for our hot chocolate and a nice sturdy easel to stop our art blowing away from The Works.

IMG_5136.JPGAnd after a car journey of bickering we set about painting each other in a good light….in fact it was a beautiful light as the sun went down 😉


IMG_5130.JPGMila painted Eden..


IMG_5131.JPGwith the rosiest cheeks…


IMG_5133.JPGShe was a very proud artist 🙂

IMG_5135.JPGThey all did a fab job and produced some beautiful original works that will hang well on the wall and last a lifetime in the memory bank…


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