Fun Deceptive Breakfast

Deceptive Breakfast

How about making a deceptively fun breakfast!

Fried eggs, chips, onion rings and lashings of brown sauce right? WRONG!

Look closer…

It’s actually shortbread biscuits, natural yogurt, apricots and lashings of chocolate sauce.


To make our fried eggs we used natural yogurt and apricot halves.


Our chips were made with shortbread biscuit. We used a packet mix and shaped the dough into chips and onion rings.



We scooped dollops of the yogurt onto our plates.

And added our apricot halves.

Our brown sauce was chocolate sauce.


What a fabulously deceptive and fun breakfast!

We were inspired to do this after having a Wonkalicious Dinner themed on Charlie and the Chocolate factory. An upside down back to front tea.

Wonkalicious Dinner

You could make a whole Deceptively fun dinner where nothing is quite as it seems…


The possibilities to have Fun with food are endless with a little imagination 🙂

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