Fun Camping Ideas To Entertain Kids



Here’s a large bundle of ideas to keep the kids entertained and to help them entertain themselves whilst camping.

Glow stick bowling


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We’ve got lots more den building ideas!

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6 Replies to “Fun Camping Ideas To Entertain Kids”

  1. Oh em gee! Have only been following your fb page a few weeks but totally in love with the ideas, your ups and downs (which mirror most of us), the family love, the dysfunction, the pictures of where you are, just all of it. Just having a quick spree throuh the websites but i absolutely love these camping ideas and am so making notes for our first camp in easter (we took our 8 week old camping the last time easter was end of march… in the snow!). Well done mrs and mr, misses and masters FD!

  2. Love the camping idea’s as for easter I’m taking my boys camping.we where thinking ???? of doing a easter egg hunt. What would you recommend chocolate eggs or plastic (to be swoped for chocolate?) . We love your family fun keep up the good work ????

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