Frozen Inspired Olaf Lamp

Frozen fever hit our house a few years ago and now it’s come full circle and has hit us again! The 4 year old wasn’t around the first time and now she is loving it! So much so that we have decided to celebrate the release of the new movie with a visit to the cinema and a Frozen themed family tea, and part of this involved making our very own Olaf snowman to celebrate the 4 year olds coinciding birthday. Here’s how we made out centrepiece…Firstly I made the backdrop for our Olaf, I did this by hanging some old white sheets and using sticky tape to attach some dried out autumn leaves and some paper snowflakes which we had made.The scene was set…Then dug out a paper lamp which we had previously bought from Ikea, this would be transformed into our Olaf!

Check out our fabulous Ikea Crafts & Hacks.We used some paper to make our Olaf Features…And then used double sided sticky tape to attach them to our lamp.If you love the snow them you’ll love our snow themed ideas.And that’s it! How wonderfully simple and effective does he look, he makes a great centre piece and would be fabulous in ant festive surrounding or winter wonderland…

This would be a fantastic idea for your Elf on the Shelf.

How about you make an Elsa cape too…see here

You could even head outdoors and go on your very own Frozen adventure.


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