‘Frozen’ Glacier Edible Mint Ice Castle


This yummy activity requires a substantial amount of imagination, lol, we had a vision of an amazing castle of ice shards…. Instead this is how it turned out. We may have bitten off more than we could chew but the girls loved making it and the fun was not only in the trying but also in the devouring afterwards 🙂

I think next time we’ll stick to building Olaf 😉

Here’s how our FROZEN Elsa’ castle turned out…


I placed the glacier mints on a tray and put them in the oven at 190c for a few minutes, I watched during this time to make sure they didn’t burn.


Once out of the oven I left to cool for a few minutes to harden and then smudged some blue food colouring on the top, I returned to the oven for a few minutes for the colouring to absorb into the mint.


Once cooled the kids broke the mints into shards along with the chocolate.


We used a glass for our mountain to place our ice castle on.


I melted some chocolate in a pan over hot water and cover our glass to form the rock of our mountain.


We made our staircase by gently heating one side of our glacier mints over a flame and once a little soften pressing them onto a lollipop stick.


We used icing to glue our glacier ice shards and chocolate to the top of our glass, we put a marshmallow in the middle to hold it together.

The girls were really pleased with the results…


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