Frozen Cape, Becoming Elsa

With all the continuous dancing around in the house bellowing out ‘Let it go!’ we decided it was about time we dressed up and made our own ‘Frozen’ themed attire…
So we set about to see what we had that we could make use of.
We found an old sparkly voile and a blue princess dress in the toy box. The girls set about cutting our paper snowflakes whilst I threaded a piece of fabric through the top of our voile to tie it onto Mila’s shoulder to use as a cape.
We then used pva glue to stick our paper snowflakes onto our dress and cape….

We then left it to dry..

Finally we found a set of battery operated fairy lights that we used as an ice crown.

It was as simple as that!!!



20140801-192643-70003301.jpgMila loved her outfit and I’m sure it made her sing even louder…


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