Freezing Bubbles

We headed out to watch the sun rise on a frosty morning, it wasn’t particularly cold but the grass had a reasonable frost in parts of the shade, no more than a normal frost, it wasn’t frosty enough to create icy puddles. We took some small bottles of bubbles that are used as party favours (a 6 pack in Poundland wedding section). Our main aim was to watch the sun rise and blow bubbles to photo, we had tried to freeze big bubbles in the freezer before with no joy and also thought that our country was not cold enough like others to enable us to do so, so it was not our intention…. We were wrong and gorgeously surprised, it seems all we needed were smaller bubbles which our teeny bottle provided.

After taking photos of the bubbles laying on the frosty grass and spending time looking through them at the sunrise we noticed that after a few minutes they were indeed freezing… They were truly beautiful, we shall be doing this on the schoolrun……take a look….

We headed out around 15 minutes before the sun was due to rise and found a frosty patch of grass not too far from home, we took with us a teeny bottle of bubbles which we had bought in Poundland, they were teeny champagne bottles used as wedding table favours (a pack of 6 for ยฃ1) they enabled us to blow small bubbles.


We watched our bubbles landing on the frosty grass and got down close to them to look through at the rising sun.

We blew lots of bubbles…


The bubbles stuck to the frosty grass..


And then after approx a minute we noticed them start to freeze.. Some developed cracks as they did so.


Some of them stayed whole like fragile and delicate marbles.


They were beautiful and awesome.
The patterns were intricate and we could see the whirls of the bubble mixture freezing.

We tried to pick some up…


Some of them would shatter & leave a deflated frozen shell,..


Some of them visibly shattered leaving only parts of perfectly formed bubbles, halves, quarters….like teeny weeny frozen delicate bowls.


We picked some up, this one was like a frozen bowl (see the top of the bubble missing!) and as we held them up to the rising and warming sun they would momentarily thaw….


Once the sun was up and the sky had turned a beautiful blue we headed home…

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