Four Seasons Family Tree

12495165_1146184775394368_3897150262750646082_n????????☀❄The four seasons family tree….

Back in September we went for a walk & came across a fabulous tree, the most perfect tree…huge, old & magnificent. When we first encountered it the last remnants of Summer had washed over it and it was in its last stages of lushness as Autumn descended…it then started to rain and it hasn’t really stopped since and I think Autumn never really had enough sun to bring out the Autumnal colours before Winter took over & we arrived in January. Today we decided this was going to be our ‘4 seasons family tree’ & we headed out again to see how it had changed.
We’re going to visit it each season to see how it looks and changes, we managed to catch just a little bit of Summer with a sprinkling of Autumn back in September & today we found a bit of bare branched Winter….now we’re just waiting for some snow so we can return ????Why not head out yourselves and find a 4 seasons family tree of your own….????????
(We parked in Piercefield Avenue (NP16 5JB) alongside Chepstow racecourse, we crossed the road & started our walk through the stone arch that leads through the woods to Piercefield House, we took the pram although it was muddy).







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