Flower Crowns

Flower Crowns

There’s nothing better than taking a walk in the fresh air and collecting some of nature’s natural treasures. But what can you do with your loot? We decided that we were going to make some easy peasy flowers crowns!

I made a crown with cardboard and wrapped it in double-sided sticky tape ready to put our flowers and leaves on.

Here’s how our walk looked.

Flower Crowns

We stopped to feed the horses.

Flower Crowns

Take a peek at our Nature activities

And Ms A took great delight in picking some dandelions.

Flower Crowns

Flower Crowns

Once we got home we stuck our natural loot to our crown. You could take it with you and do it while you walk.

Flower Crowns

And she wore it like a true queen.Flower Crowns

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