‘Fiver Parties’ – Rude or Genius?

Fiver Parties

A few weeks Boo, aged 3, got invited to a ‘fiver’ party. And I think it’s a wonderful idea! Having had 8 children the frequency and cost of them being invited to their classmates’ parties can soon mount up. And knowing what to get someone else’s child can most often be a shot in the dark. I’ve always been that parent who pops a fiver in a card so I am welcoming the introduction of ‘fiver parties’. And they seem to be becoming increasingly popular. 

Choosing what to give a child as a gift can be hard. You don’t know if the child has dietary requirements or is allowed sweets. If it’s an arts and crafty family or a family that loathes arts and crafting. Are they outdoorsy? You don’t know what toys the child already has. Will you duplicate a gift? Appeal to their interests? Etc. And a fiver party eliminates all this and sets out a clear across the board suggestion of what to gift. Personally, I think it takes away the pressure of choosing the right gift or giving the right amount of money. Are you giving too little or too much? A ‘fiver party’ really does make things easy when it comes to parties.

Fiver Parties


Below is the invitation that Boo received. On the back is a description of what a ‘fiver party’ is.

Fiver Parties

Basically, the invite stipulates that rather than giving a gift the parent/child would like to receive a small amount of money instead. This money will then go towards buying one main present that the child really wants – in this case, a bike. This can actually aid towards teaching the child the value of money and how to manage it. And it’s also a wonderful feeling to take your money into a shop and buy something your heart desires for your birthday.

And if you don’t want to lose the action of actually giving a gift then their are many ways you can still make a ‘fiver’ fun. You can put it in a pretty box and get your child to decorate it. Draw illustrations in a card around the money. Make a personalised gift money wallet. You could even present the money in a purse. Giving money doesn’t have to be a thoughtless process; it’s still a gift given with love!

Fiver Parties

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This idea isn’t for everyone. Have you ever been to a ‘fiver party’ or held one? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you find this idea rude or is it a fab?

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