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Five Guys Cardiff

This week I stepped out from behind my screen for a very special date with a whole load of bloggers which I have grown to know over the past year. Not one to socialise without the children in tow I decided be brave and with a little comfortable prompting from some lovely ladies I headed to Five Guys in The Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff to sample a bite to eat and some blogger company. I’ve never considered myself as a sociable blogger so for me to step into the realms of the blogging world and meet up with these ladies was quite a big deal.

It was a great location for a meet up, with bowling, a cinema and lots of other food establishments neighbouring it beneath one roof it would make for a great family trip.

Five Guys Cardiff

The restaurant was a typical counter service but is was very Americanly swish…

Five Guys Cardiff

There were menus available on the tables.

Five Guys Cardiff

It was fantastically clean and sparkly and I’ve no doubt the kids would love to go.

Five Guys Cardiff

The soft drinks were self service style and were pleasingly refillable.

Five Guys Cardiff

I opted for a salted caramel shake with a ton of whipped cream… Why not?

Five Guys Cardiff

Everything is cooked to order. I opted for a cheeseburger with all the trimmings. I felt that the prices were a little steep but I could not fault the food.

The Cajun spice dusted fries were super tasty and to be fair were a huge portion which you could share.

Five Guys Cardiff

Being a mummy it always pleases me to see restaurants that make an effort for children too.

Five Guys Cardiff

Our meet up included (as photographed above, Cathryn, Jess, Alana, Sally, Sarah, Kerry, Jo, Laura, Alina, Kelly…..and little old camera shy me took the photo).

If you get a few minutes please go and check out their blogs.

Cathryn of Cardiff Mummy Says she blogs about everything, from days out to raw emotions. She’s never afraid to say it how it is. She’s a very realistic mummy and has a beautiful soul.

Jess of Mrs Helicopter Writes – a belly tickling and lovable blog about parenting and feminism, sometimes sweary and laid bare but always honest. This woman VLOGS  in the bath!!

Alana of Baby Holiday – mummy of two boys: a toddler and a squidgy irresistible newborn.

Sally of Teddy Bears and Cardigans – a scrumptious grandmother who spends her days caring for, running after and exploring with her toddler grandson. I’m a little bit in love with Sally and her energy and enthusiasm.

Sarah of The Herniman House – mum of a toddler and number two on the way. She’s positively glowing and I had to try with all my might to resist squeezing her… shhhh!

Kerry of All About A Mini Norris – mum of two daughters age 3 and 7 months. I consider Kerry as my online birthing buddy as we shared our pregnancy journeys at the same time and I love to see her family grow alongside mine. Ophelia was born within week of Ms A.

Jo of First Time Valleys Mam – FTVM is my online soft spot, raising awareness of life as a mum of a child with autism. She gives an honest and frank insight of daily life with Z, she shares the ups along with the downs and is never afraid to really show us how life can be.

Laura of Side Street Style – a homeschooling mum (Oodles of admiration for that!) of two boys whom award winningly blogs about style, fashion and travel. She’s certainly a hot mamma.

Alina of We Made This Life – blogging about life as a mum of three, she wears her heart on her sleeve and writes beautifully.

Kelly of Kelly Allen Writer –  another admirable homeschooling mum of two who loves to explore the outdoors and is even writing a novel (how cool is that!)

****Absent friends..

I’d also like to mention Vicky who blogs at Earth Based Fun (she was unable to attend our event). She’s a mum to two beautiful squidgies and a festival loving piece of gorgeousness. She writes and shares her daily journey through parenting with zest for life and sparkle. She’s down to EARTH and BASED amongst a whole load of FUN.

I’d like to thank all the ladies above for their continued support, their loveliness, their ears and their hearts. They rock and have become lovely friends.

Our meals were complimentary for the purpose of a review which is honest and frank.

Thank you to Five Guys Cardiff and The Red Dragon Centre for hosting us.

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  1. I’m definitely considering the trip down to Cardiff, to try it, especially if it’s family friendly! Wish I couldn’t been there with you all! Xx

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