Festive Wreath & Forest Tree Decorating

We were set a challenge to make a festive wreath by our friends over at ‘Mum in the Mad house’….so we accepted.

We’ve never made a real wreath as an activity before so thought we’d give it a crack…. the perfect opportunity for an adventure.

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We decided to head to the forest for a festive afternoon to search out the ideal tree to decorate for our appreciation of the Christmas trees home and to leave the woods nice and sparkly for the Christmas reindeer that supposedly practice their night flight there.

We took some decorations and some garden wire, cutters, ribbon & Poundland battery operated fairy lights to make our wreaths.

Here’s how we got on…

IMG_9958.JPGwe headed into the Forest of Dean with our basket in tow

IMG_9960.JPGand we found a tree…a beautiful tree..



IMG_9952.JPGthe tree looked fab and shall remain there until after Christmas when the flight reindeer finish practicing and we return to de-decorate it.
We then headed to the lake to find a spot to make our wreaths picking up pine branches as we went…and pine cones too

….everyone collected


IMG_9956.JPGthe lake was beautiful and we took time to reflect

Then into our wreaths,
The picnic tables were frosty but we set up on one..

Mila had other ideas…because she’s 5

IMG_9955.JPG we used garden wire to bind together our pine sprigs


IMG_9942.JPGNoah bashed..

IMG_9944-0.JPGwe finished by tying ribbon on..

IMG_9940-0.JPGand Dad helped add the lights.

IMG_9939.JPGit turned out fab!!


IMG_9961.JPGwith the light fading we headed home..


IMG_9932.JPGand Noah carried the wreath with a helping hand.



Thank you Mum in the Mad House, we enjoyed our challenge and our memories hang nicely on the door.


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