Festive Cracker Hunt & Sprout Potting

IMG_0027.JPGwe headed to the woods for a festive picnic, some cracker hunting, a spot of sprout potting & some whipping up of some reindeer food.

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Here’s how we got on…

IMG_0023.JPGwe took with us a few boxes of crackers…

IMG_0024.JPGand a festive tipple! It is Christmas after all..

IMG_0026.JPGwe took with us a cake which we covered with carrots that were to be left for the woodland reindeer to feast on…

IMG_0028.JPGthe kids enjoyed milk and cookies whilst I disappeared to hide the crackers..


IMG_0022.PNGand then they were off!!

IMG_0032.JPGthey had to find four crackers each before returning to the table so everybody got a chance..

IMG_0033.JPGthey all gathered in a pulling frenzy!

IMG_0034.JPGand we read the jokes..

IMG_0035.JPGsome of us wore hats…and others didn’t ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_0037.JPGwe then gathered up our sprouts for a game of sprout potting



IMG_0040.JPGwhich eventually turned into a game of muddy sprout paintball type human target practice..it got messy

IMG_0041.JPGand there were casualties ๐Ÿ™‚
After our game we calmed down with some sedate reindeer food making..we mixed porridge oats with glitter


IMG_0043.JPGand we popped it all into an air tight container ready to sprinkle Christmas Eve



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