Emergencies, Ducks & Dragons


The weekend was good even given an apparent return to Autumn.

It started on Friday with a very valuable lesson being learnt by all. It got a bit messy and gory but we can now confirm that all children within the household know what to do in emergencies and are capable of ringing 999 should the situation ever arise.

We played out an assortment of emergency situations with the help of some bandages and ketchup. It was a lot of fun.

Before we had a chance to clear away our apparent massacre we had a knock at the door. We’d recently had some building work completed and weren’t happy with the job. I’d rung the builder’s boss and after discussions, he arrived looking stern.

I led him through the house, past a towel covered in ketchup, a pile of bandages covered in ketchup, through the kitchen and past the breadboard with a carving knife covered in ketchup and splatter up the wall, more ketchup-covered cloths on the side and into the garden to be greeted by a log covered in ketchup. I’m not sure what he thought but he assured me he’d get the problem sorted out. I briefly tried to explain to him that it was part of a role-play lesson but he seemed to shuffle through the house without hesitation. I did sit down quite happy that he seemed to agree to rectify the work for us without a murmur of fuss.

Saturday came and we finished off prep for our duck race. I’d purchased 50 ducks for £4.99 in Home Bargains so decided to make use of them with a trip to a local river. It was quite a traditional, simple and effective outing and although the kids were soaked from head to toe, including shoes, they displayed big smiley faces all the way home – even when the rain came and it turned bitterly cold. I’m sure a few of our ducks escaped too as we didn’t come home with them all.

Saturday was also a special day in the house with baby Noah turning one. I’m not sure where the time has gone although it equally feels like he’s been here forever. It’s strange how things can potter by in the blink of an eye but also seemingly move in slow motion. We’ve lapped up every moment. He’s beautiful and inquisitive & the apple of many eyes.

We didn’t plan for his birthday and surprisingly we never really do. We just seem to go with the flow. We played this one by ear with the aid of a chocolate cake and a paddling pool set up in the kitchen. Baby Noah had his cake and ate it too. It was a truly messy but delicious ceremony.

Sunday we hit the road again and commenced on an adventure to hunt for dragons! We did this with a few duck eggs which I had purchased for 40p each. I decorated them with permanent marker pens and sprinkled them with glitter. We then headed for the coast.

We started our hunt at Ogmore Castle by the sea where we crossed the river via some amazing stepping stones. We were accompanied by the pouring rain all day but our spirits were not dampened (even though the 7 & 9-year-old argued from dawn til dusk). We walked through bluebell woods, across bridges and over sand dunes before reaching the ‘dragon wood’ at the ruins of Candleston Castle. With a little sleight of hand, I placed a warning poster on a tree and hid the eggs for the kids to discover. The sign was discovered and eventually, our hunt was fruitful. We found dragon eggs!

We took our eggs home and placed them in the airing cupboard. Not sure what’s gonna happen next. But hey, it’s only Monday and the first job in hand is to put the house back together, contend with stupid amounts of washing and try and resume some kind of tidiness after the fallout better known as the weekend has started on its weekly loop.

If you’d like to find out more about what we’ve been doing or how we did things then you can find us over on Facebook.


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