Elf Arrival – Discovering Reindeer Poo


We decided to go on a magical festive adventure to see if we could find any signs of Christmas reindeer in the woods and ended up finding our very own elf!

A few days before, I made some reindeer poop using play dough and glitter and hid it in my pocket along with a Christmas elf.

This is how our elf adventure began…

We put together a tin of things to make hot chocolate and some biscuits to decorate to hang in the trees for the woodland animals.

Once there, we made hot chocolate, decorated our biscuits and climbed trees. While the kids played I placed the reindeer poop on the ground whilst the kids weren’t watching and put the elf in a tree for the kids to stumble upon.

Our biscuits, icing & string to make our own woodland festive feeders.


We decorated the biscuits.


And then hung them in the trees for the animals to nibble on, some high and some low.


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We found a spot in the forest to set up & made our hot chocolate on a camping stove.


We topped our hot chocolate with all sorts.


And we found comfy spots to drink them.


While nobody was looking I placed the reindeer poo for them to find. (Playdough rolled in glitter)


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I placed our Christmas woodland elf in a tree ready to be discovered.


Mila was the first to spot the elf!


It was an elf!! Dad helped her reach it down.


He had a bell and a pine cone necklace.

We tried to find where the elf had come from and discovered lots of fairy doors.


We found what we thought were reindeer footprints. (I made these when the kids weren’t looking.)


We found some Christmas reindeer poo, it was sparkly!

All sparkly, we knew it was Christmas reindeer poo because we knew that they practice for Christmas Eve in the woods. So the elf must have been left while they were practising their Christmas Eve flight!

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We made the elf look like a reindeer.


We made the decision to take the woodland Christmas elf home and that was the start of our Christmas woodland elf adventure!


We had fun playing in the woods with our newfound elf, we fed the ducks, played in the stream and collected leaves before heading home.

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