Duvet Wind Sock & Sheet Fun


We discovered that making your bed could be awesome!!

Windy days can be so much fun, flying kites, windmills, windsocks, twirling and whirling in the breeze…but we found a fabulous activity by chance and were blown away…literally.

We’d headed out on a blustery day to embrace the wind for a Duvet Day (yes we made a bed on the beach!) and whilst making the bed in a gale we had some really cool fun…

We took a double duvet cover and a sheet with us and here’s what happened.


We had fun catching the wind in the duvet cover.


And couldn’t resist climbing inside!


it was like a ginormous windsock…


The girls played around with the sheet.


They used teamwork to pull it through the wind.



The effects were pretty amazing and made for some great photos.


We even pretended to be superheroes.


It really was a fab discovery of a really cool way to have fun in the wind, and as for our bed… Eventually it got made.

The kids loved having a Duvet Day At The Beach too.


We spent some time some of our favourite beach activities before unmaking our bed and heading home with some fab memories…

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