Dressing Gowns

I don’t have a handbag but I do I have a dressing gown with pockets, from what I can gather they are pretty much the same thing, both are filled with all sorts of random stuff.

Some people use their dressing gowns as a sumptuous robe to slip into after a bath.

Mine is used to avoid the rigmarole of trying to find clothes in the morning when I’m unable to locate yesterday’s clothes to chuck on fast enough and I always do a little fist bump in the air when I discover I’ve shoved it in the airing cupboard and it’s nice and warm.

I find that the dressing gown is the best form of attire for speed cleaning the house and most often the use of the pockets is to collect those random pieces that you intend to find a home for at a later date, a Lego piece, a Barbie shoe, a dummy, an unidentifiable piece of plastic which you hope to eventually relocate into its rightful place.

Dressing gown sleeves are pretty annoying when trying to wash up and no matter how many times you push them up your arms or roll them up they always end up with sodden cuffs.

Taking a pee whilst wearing a dressing gown enables you to stop any drafts to your bottom.

Also, dressing gowns are fab for throwing on when you hear the bin truck at 8am and realise you forgot to put the bins out.

The downside of a dressing gown is discovering the tie belt is mislaid and washing one is akin to a full load of washing.

Home dressing gowns are completely different to hotel robes. Hotel robes are for rejuvenation, home dressing gowns are for slobbing and warmth and to accumulate TV dinner spills.

I do love my trusty old dressing gown.

Best thing about dressing gowns though is putting them on after a day of muddy puddle jumping. It seems a comforting consolation when it’s been raining for 3 months solid.

I also love pyjamas.

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