‘Dogs are a danger’…I beg to differ..My response

‘Why would you be so irresponsible and put a baby in danger like this? I think it’s very worrying’

After receiving this comment a post I wanted to reply.

Yes, dogs can be dangerous and personally I’m not a big dog fan (sorry!) and I’ve steered the children away from dogs…that’s not necessarily because I deem dogs dangerous but purely because I myself would not like a toddler unexpectedly squeezing my nose- that same rule applies to dogs right?

But this doesn’t mean that a dog is ferociously dangerous…..it means they too, like us, don’t appreciate nose squeezes.

There are dogs in our extended family but it is still our choice to not have one, mainly due to time and commitment.

Lucy is a friends dog, she is a 12 year old Labrador, her nature is beautiful, she is calm and docile, placid and maternal. She sits in her old age and watches the world go by.

Yes dogs can be unpredictable but they also get so much bad press and are often tarred with the same bad media brush.

Again having a dog is not our choice.

But dogs can be a mans best friend.

Ms A has regularly, under our close watch, been in Lucy’s company, she is intrigued by Lucy and in turn Lucy seems to understand this intriguement.

Ms A has explored Lucy in a gentle manner, in awe.

Lucy has been familiar with Ms A since she was born, she’s been in her company and kind of watched her grow & they have slowly but surely made friends.

We would never leave Ms A in solitary company with any animal- regardless of whom the dog is, including Lucy.

Having said this I wanted to share with you the evident relationship that Ms A has formed with Lucy.

We would never put our children in a situation that would be deemed dangerous. Ever.

Should Lucy ever display any disliking to her company then we would act upon this immediately…

But certainly for now it appears that Ms A has found a very special friend indeed….they watch the world go by together.

But what do you think…dogs, devotees or danger?


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