Dodgy Tickers & Love – Update

We always had the knowledge it was coming but thought we may wing it just a little longer, but apparently not. During a recent appointment a few weeks ago it was determined that her heart cannot keep maintaining the excessively fast beating episodes and it’s elasticity as she grows is not fairing too well… So Mila, 8, is now officially on the list for her surgery 😳 and it could be as soon as within the next 16 weeks.
Ironically the decision that her surgery is now inevitable and imminent coincided in the anniversary of her diagnosis a few weeks ago, it was 8 years ago that her dodgy ticker first kicked off….she’d spent a week in the high dependency unit before we cracked on and headed out on our annual adventure to Glastonbury festival with an ethos never to let it hold us back…and we still don’t.

Tomorrow we’ll do the same but with the knowledge that it all just got very real….
She’ll start with a procedure to map the electrical pathways of her heart to determine which areas are not firing/pulsing properly, the outcome of that will either be a simple correction of the mis firing pathways (like soldering a circuit board) or having to weigh up the risks of the problem being too close to a dodgy area that may result in a pacemaker, this is all performed by a wire that is sent through a vein in her groin up to her hearts wall. 😳

This is a really common and very standard procedure!

It’s simply unfathomable what they can medically do these days and it blows my mind.
She knows the score and after being told of the next course of action in a bid to manage her condition she was mostly chuffed to beans with an iced frapaccino with extra cream as we left the hospital 😍👌
We’ll take it as good news until we’re proved otherwise….I’m guessing time will tell.

Today we returned to the hospital for the first step in her pre op assessments and she had a portable heart monitor fitted which she’ll wear for 7 days to record her rhythms. This will give us a good insight into determining what’s going on inside…
Obviously the wheels in motion are daunting but correction is something that we are aiming for now and it’s on the foreseeable horizon…

After 8 years of beta blockers, countless ambulance trips, visits to the resuscitation room, manoeuvres and meds to stop and restart her heart…

…Dodgy ticker…..we’re finally coming to kick your arse into line!


Read more about Milas journey living with supra ventricular tachycardia




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