Do You Miss Me When I’m Working…

Do You Miss Me When I'm Working...

Dearest Jude…

Do you miss me when I’m working?
Do you miss me when I’m gone?
Do you wonder where your mumma is?
Do you ever feel alone?

Do you look around and search for me,
Do you call out mumma’s name,
Do you understand that when I disappear,
I’ll be right back again.

Because I wonder when I’m working,
And thoughts of you trickle through my mind,
Do you think that mumma abandoned you,
That mumma left her boy behind.

But I know that that’s a guilt that’s natural,
As when I leave your wings will grow.
And you’ll find a new found confidence
That you’ll embrace each time I go.

And you’ll form an independence
A reassurance just to be,
In the company of somebody else,
And not just rely on me.

But still, the best thing in my working day,
Is a reassurance when I wonder,
And a knowledge that I’ll soon be home
And that the absence has made my heart grow fonder.

And I’ll step back into the noisy nest,
And you’ll beam with huge delight.
And I’ll slip back into mummy mode
And I’ll squeeze you close and tight.

And it will feel like I’ve never been away,
And I’m back where I belong.
And I’ve returned to where my comfort lays,
And you’ll smile cos mumma’s home.

Mrs FD

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