Dinosaurs Causing Havoc


If you haven’t stumbled upon it already you really must check out Dinovember. I’m telling you, we all need a little bit of it in our lives, the concept is to feed the kids with a little imagination with dinosaurs, while they sleep you place the dinosaurs for them to discover when they awake, it’s a little bit of magic and a whole lot of fun…

Here’s some of the antics that our household dinosaurs have got up to!

They’re a bit pesky at times…

We awoke to find they’d raided the sweetie tin…


A mammoth task….with peer pressure and group influences kicking in it appears the larger Dino’s have had a ball shaving off all mammoth’s hair. He is no longer woolly and I fear he would not survive an ice age….only time will tell.


One night the Dino’s headed to the kitchen seemingly to cook up a feast and it appears that we have a good mix of both carnivores & herbivores nocturnally roaming free…

20140522-131950.jpgOur third night of Dinovember was rather fitting to the 9 year olds first attempt at shaving secretly in his bedroom and pays tribute to Movember.

20140522-132253.jpgTeenage protest…. Another night our dinosaurs were aimed at the teenagers in the house. As the protest was going on in the fridge it was hoped it would act as a prevention from it getting overly heated.


It appears that last night those pesky dinosaurs got into the medical kit… It looks like some of them may even be medically trained… Pesky creatures….


One morning there were no dinosaurs. Instead we found this on the kitchen floor and an intact one within the box of eggs on the side…. It spelled trouble…..



To try and avoid the ice age the Dino’s headed for the oven.


We hadn’t seen the dinosaurs for a couple of nights but they then returned with a ravenous attitude, thankfully the rhubarb pie I bought on the reduced section at Tesco was only 10p. Still, cheeky buggers though.

20140522-132915.jpgThe kids weren’t too impressed when they awoke to discover the dinosaurs had devoured their advent calendars.

20140522-133017.jpgThey even got into the nappy changing bag much to the delight of the toddler who discovered them.

We awoke one morning to discover the dinosaurs had been up to no good & taken a shine to a box of chocolates…



Once the dinosaurs in the house were I little bit influenced by our artistic goings on & got together to recreate their own views of our recent art attempts….those pesky dinosaurs!!

20140522-133516.jpgThose pesky dinosaurs were caught out again, and although i have to say their sun cream applying ability needs improving we’ve gotta give them credit for being sunshine sensible with a high factor!

A few days of decent sunshine and they think it’s summer!

The dinosaur antics have been a great and magical addition to our family thanks to the inspiration from Dinovember and you can check out and join in the fun over on the Dinovember Facebook page.

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