Devices Den


Devices Den

We’re not against screen time and believe that as long as there is a good healthy balance of fresh air, activeness and engaging interactions within the real world then screen time should not be a problem and is in fact very beneficial to a child. After all, our world has undoubtedly evolved and continues to do so in regards to screen time and computing technology and is a huge part of normality for our kids future.

So we try to welcome technology into our world and understand that it’s something the kids really enjoy. With this in mind, we wanted to find a fun way on a recent family stay away in which we could still allow the children to have some fun screen time. So we made a devices den. 

After all, we do love to make a den.

Devices Den

And all you really need is a table and a load of blankets! I simply threw some blankets over the table, filled the under table den with cushions and made a sign to go on the front which I attached with sticky tape. The 6 year old thought it was truly wonderful. You could even add some battery-operated fairy lights so that when devices aren’t being used the den will double up as a calming snug or a reading nook.

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Devices Den

It’s not something that we’d do every day so it was a good opportunity to make screen time into something special. It also meant that during a family holiday the kids got something to do that they really enjoy. It really made them feel like they had an involvement in the say in our family activities. And it kept them entertained while I made dinner…

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