Deceptively Fun Dinner

I decided to do the kids a fun dinner with a difference….all was not as it seemed but it was still a healthy tea!

Here’s what was on the menu.

We had dessert first… Shepherd’s Pie.


I made it by layering a sundae dish with mashed potato.

20140915-204448-74688224.jpgFilling with the mince…

20140915-204517-74717385.jpgAnd topping with mashed potato, some gravy granule sprinkles, tomato sauce and a cherry tomato on top!


We then had our dinner for pudding! Egg on toast.

20140915-204732-74852542.jpgI created it with three simple ingredients.

20140915-204822-74902082.jpgTo wash down our dinner we had a lemon squash beverage….lemon jelly!


We’ve got lots more fun food ideas. Why not use some for a BFG Inspired Fun Day?

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