Dear Child, You Will Always Be My Baby

My dear child you are growing so quick, it seems like yesterday that you depended on me for everything, you were so small.

I never imagined that the time would race by so quickly and I’d yearn for your littleness to return and I wonder how it passed me by so quickly. I look back at photos of you toddling, your missing teeth smiles and chocolate cake covered face and I realise that my baby has grown, your littleness disappeared to become just a memory. I watch videos and hear your sweet young voice, I wonder when ‘mummy’ turned into ‘mum’….where did it go?

As you bound through the door from school rapidly towering above me and head to the kitchen on a self sufficient mission for food I flash back to triangle sandwiches & having to peel your apples….where did that go.

You grew.

But my child I want you to know, that although you have grown you will forever be my baby, in my heart you will always be little to me, I will always embrace you and comfort you like the small child you once were when magic kisses healed your ouchies and mumma hugs made the world right. My arms will always be open and I will always hold you tight and smooth your hair, I will always have an obligation to closes my eyes and inhale you in an embrace. You will never be to big, because my child, you will always be my baby.

So please remember my dear child, wether big or small…

You’ll always be the sun to me,

You’ll always help me shine,

And even on my darkest days

You’ll make my days worth while.

You’ll always make my heart complete,

And put the tune into my song,

You’ll guide me throughout parenthood

And teach me right from wrong.

I’ll always be here next to you,

Your hand will always fit in mine

I’ll value your sweet company,

I’ll value all your time,

And even when the sky is grey,

You’ll brighten up my day

And I’ll sit with you through murky fogs

And we’ll blow those clouds away

And I’ll give you all the stars that shine,

I’ll reach the moon and give that too,

And I’ll catch the sunbeams from the morning sky,

And pass them onto you.

Because you’ll always be the sun to me,

You’ll always help me shine,

And as long as you reach out to me,

I’ll freely give you all my time.

And I’ll value all your preciousness

And proudly watch you grow,

Because the love that you have given me,

Is stronger than you’ll ever, ever know.

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