Company From Afar

Company From Afar

This week Boo was rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties. Thankfully she’s a resilient young lady and is on the mend.

But Boo made a friend…

Waking up after a traumatic night struggling to breathe, she made contact with a little old lady in a window across the way. Their paths will never meet and they will never hear each other’s voices but for today they shared a smile and a wave and a little bit of sunshine under a dull sky. Together. Two separate worlds and a whole lifetime apart across a courtyard seven floors up, they were beautifully absorbed in each other’s company from afar.

They were smiling together. Strangers connecting for a while, taking solace in each other’s presence. Sharing a view of each other’s world from the outside. On the sidelines, through a window…

It made me smile. It made the little old lady smile. And it made Boo smile.

For a moment from afar, they were close, they were friends.

I’ll never know how important the moment was to the old lady, or even if it held any importance at all. It was fleeting but lingered lovingly. She indulged herself in the far away company and seemed to shine.

Boo beamed, giggled & waved. I hope for a moment the old lady had a realisation of just how important her interaction was to my little girl.

It doesn’t take a lot to warm someone’s heart. You don’t even have to be that close.

*Boos red hat was lost in the chaos of the moment when the ambulance came last night. She’s taking comfort in a replacement form her big sister.

Company From Afar

Later on in the day, Boo and I were able to send our thanks to the old lady that smiled and waved from afar. We made a sign for the window and we had an acknowledging wave and a smile back too. ☺️

I’m not sure what the occupants looking out of the other windows thought though. But the moment Boo shared with the old lady was too special to let pass by without an acknowledgement. We couldn’t visit as we were confined to the room with a suspected infection so this was a lovely alternative.

A little thank you goes a long way. 

Thankfully Boo is now on the mend and back in the mix at home.

Company From Afar

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