Climbing Gray Hill

IMG_0849Today we took heed to the blue skies and headed out for a walk to the top of Gray Hill, nestled in the Wentwood Forest the views took in the Severn Estuary, Bristol, The Black mountains, Abergavenny and on a clear day Somerset. There were some great trees to climb, loads of muddy puddles to wade through, horses and some fab frosty patches in the shadows. Gary Hill is an easy walk that gives a sense of achievement with the beautiful views when you reach the top.

Here’s how our walk looked…IMG_0839









There was an Iron Age Hill fort on the top.IMG_0847

We climbed trees.IMG_0841

We took in the view one last time before heading back down.IMG_0848

We parked in Foresters Oaks carpark on Usk road, overlooking Wentwood Reservoir, We crossed the road and headed up the track opposite the carpark. We followed the path until we reached the ‘Gray Hill” sign and then headed through the gate and up onto the top of the hill. The car park has a few picnic tables and a bbq area. Our walk took around two hours including over an hour playing at the top. It’s unsuitable for buggies but manageable for little legs. The hill can get extremely slippery and muddy in wet weather.

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