Christmas Tree Nail Art Keepsake

Today I decided that I wanted to let Jude,2, get hands on with a hammer so we did some simple nail art to create a Christmas nail art wall hanging and the results were fab.

For this you will need…

*Small nails


*Piece of wood


*String of wire battery operated fairy lights

*Acrylic paint Firstly I marked out the outline of our Christmas tree before hammering some nails in, older children could hammer these straight in from the start with some direction but Jude being two was not capable.

After I had nailed them in I gave him the hammer to nail them in further.I gave him a small lightweight hammer and he had loads of fun bashing.We did this until the whole of the outline was covered in nails leaving around an inch in-between each nail.Once the outline was finished I added a few nails on the inside, this is where the lights will go.

I then wound the wire around the nails making sure I left enough wire to be able to tuck the battery packs behind the board. Next was a job for myself and the older children, we used wool to wrap around the nails.We did this until there was a good coverage but we could still see the lights. We covered the star in yellow wool too.We then used some acrylic paint to paint our board….you could do this before if you fancy.And there you have it!! Wwe waited for it to dry before popping it on the mantle.It will make a lovely family keepsake to bring out year after year.

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