Chocolate Crispy Cake Festive Wreath

Chocolate Crispy Cake Festive WreathWe decided to make a yummy edible wreath from chocolate crispy cakes!

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Here’s how we did it…

We used:
1/4 box of cornflakes
2 bars of milk chocolate
Additional sweeties for decoration
Ribbon to hang
Greaseproof paper

IMG_5064.JPGwe cut out a round of greaseproof paper and placed it on a tray (our tray was a pizza baking tray)

IMG_5063.JPGplace a bowl in the middle of the paper..

IMG_5062.JPGwe then melted our ️️chocolate by placing it in a pan over simmering water

IMG_5061.JPGonce melted we stirred in the cornflakes and scooped them onto our greaseproof paper


IMG_5059.JPGwe added our sweeties to make our holly berries and leaves

IMG_5058.JPGand we placed it in the fridge to set

IMG_5057.JPGonce it had hardened up we carefully took it off the greaseproof paper and tied ribbon to hang..

Chocolate Crispy Cake Festive Wreath

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