Changing In The Ranks 


She’s gonna be a big sister, she’ll no longer be the baby….I’m not sure I’m ready for the rank change that’s about to hit us.

She’s still sleeping in my bed and I’m endeavouring to savour ever second of her warmth and trying to absorb each moment that she unknowingly clings onto me in her role as still being the baby… 

They’ll all still be babies, I’ll always be here to offer a squeeze no matter how big they grow….but the smallest is no longer the smallest…she’s just about to become a big sister, a bigger girl, a little more independent…

But in this very moment, she’s still the baby.

I might just savour the possibility that tomorrow could be all change and immerse myself in this moment all night…
I don’t want this little girl to be big. I’ll let her grow with a huge knowledge that no matter what, regardless of change, she’ll always be my baby too & growing up will never alter that stance ❤️

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